Kika Nuclear Cranes Seminar

Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014 is canceled

Some months ago we sent a simple questionnaire to our listed contacts in the network KIKA (Crane users in Nuclear Facilities), to see if they were interested in another KIKA seminar. First, thank you for all answers and interesting comments. Even though many of the received answers are positive, the number of interested answers is not enough for us to continue the planning.

Thus, we will not arrange a Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014. But we will let you know if strong interests arise for such a seminar in the future.

As a result, we will shut down the seminar’s current homepage

Kind regards,
Thomas Krüger

Travel and hotels

Welcome to Växjö

Växjö is situated in the heart of southern Sweden, 250 km from Gothenburg, 200 km from Malmö and 450 km from Stockholm. Business is blooming in Växjö, the university is expanding, and the range of cultural events on offer - theatre, musicals and concerts - is extensive. Visitors come from all over the world to see the area's craftsmen, who are famed for their glassblowing and furniture making. Nature is all around, with glittering seascapes and magical forests - and there are plenty of golf courses in the area. Växjö is a great place to stay, even if it is only for a short while.

A tip for your trip to Växjö in Småland

Instead of flying via Stockholm it is often easier to fly to Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen. From Kastrup there is a direct train to Växjö with a travelling time of just over two hours. The direct train departs once every two hours.

It is then a short walk to the conference centre in Växjö.


Located in the centre of Växjö, the Elite Park Hotel (The Concert Hall Hotel) is a splendid example of Scandinavian architecture, with beautifully decorated, light and comfortable rooms. The reception staff speak English, German, French and, of course, Swedish.

In case of many seminar attendees, you might be offered accomodation in one of our nearby hotels with equally high level of standards.

Växjö Concert hall

The Concert Hall is housed in the same building as the hotel. It is easy to find. The railway station is within easy walking distance or just grab a taxi. The airport is 8 km away (the airport bus stops right outside the Concert hall hotel). You can find the Hotel's website at

Seminary lounge
Our lounge is located in the basement of the Elite Park hotel during the seminar. Have a drink, meet people for interesting discussions or perhaps you just want to relax for a moment? Staff are also available here if you have any questions.


Visa större karta


Want to know what the weather is like right now? Lets find out!.

About Sweden

Sweden is often described as one of the world’s most modern and advanced countries. Whether it’s technology, behavior and lifestyles, urban trends, social reform or fashion and design, this little country has an extraordinary ability to position itself at the forefront.

Some say that Sweden has all the advantages associated with modern society, but few of its common problems. It’s a country where travel is easy, safe and convenient.

Don't forget the time difference. Swedish time is GMT +1. Local time right now - 18:53.

You can find a broad range of activities and tourist information at Växjö Municipality's website and make sure you'll have a look at Visit Sweden's inspiring web pages too.