Kika Nuclear Cranes Seminar

Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014 is canceled

Some months ago we sent a simple questionnaire to our listed contacts in the network KIKA (Crane users in Nuclear Facilities), to see if they were interested in another KIKA seminar. First, thank you for all answers and interesting comments. Even though many of the received answers are positive, the number of interested answers is not enough for us to continue the planning.

Thus, we will not arrange a Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014. But we will let you know if strong interests arise for such a seminar in the future.

As a result, we will shut down the seminar’s current homepage

Kind regards,
Thomas Krüger

Additional programme

Workshop on crane regulation.

On October 21st, 2010 from 9:00 to 16:30.

This additional programme is organized by Bel V.

Objectives of the workshop

The primary goal of this workshop is to give the opportunity to delegates to share practices of inspection and safety assessment in load handling systems and cranes.

The secondary goal of this workshop is to make the first steps allowing the creation of a network for cranes experts belonging to regulators, safety authorities, technical safety organisations and inspection bodies.

Further steps could allow the establishment of a common understanding about present and future nuclear crane regulation and safety assessment of load handling systems.


Delegates will be invited to prepare on a voluntary basis short talks or presentations as an introduction to one or more of the topics addressed during the workshop.

Short summaries or proposals could be transmitted to Sébastien De Grève for this workshop. On the basis of the received proposals, presentations will be grouped together by theme.

Motivation and Programme

Based on recent events and experiences in the field of safety evaluation of load handling systems, it is felt useful to promote the exchanges of information between specialists belonging to regulatory organizations or nuclear facilities. Setting up an expert group on load handling systems and crane regulation seems very useful. This workshop is organized as a first step towards this objective.

Suggested topics to be addressed during the workshop

(The final programme will be established on the basis of proposals transmitted by participants)

The last session of the workshop will be devoted to the establishment of a conclusion of the discussions held during the workshop.


This workshop being focused on inspection, regulation and crane safety analysis, the participants should be directly concerned by regulatory aspects.

Expected repercussion in activities

Sharing good practice in safety assessment of load handling systems and cranes will improve our expertise as crane experts.

Information and contact person

Sébastien De Grève

Bel V
Technical Safety Organisation (TSO) and
Subsidiary of the Belgian Nuclear Safety Authority (FANC)

Walcourtstraat 148

B-1070 Brussels - Belgium

Direct phone: +32-2-5280.261

Fax: +32-2-5280.201