Kika Nuclear Cranes Seminar

Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014 is canceled

Some months ago we sent a simple questionnaire to our listed contacts in the network KIKA (Crane users in Nuclear Facilities), to see if they were interested in another KIKA seminar. First, thank you for all answers and interesting comments. Even though many of the received answers are positive, the number of interested answers is not enough for us to continue the planning.

Thus, we will not arrange a Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2014. But we will let you know if strong interests arise for such a seminar in the future.

As a result, we will shut down the seminar’s current homepage

Kind regards,
Thomas Krüger


Important dates

October 19th 2010
The Seminar Begins

Notice: The Nuclear Cranes Seminar was successfully held in October, 2010 in Växjö, Sweden. This website remains as a reference and a placeholder for upcoming events.

Welcome to KIKA Nuclear Cranes Seminar 2010

With the ever increasing intensity of the debate and insight into global warming, nuclear power has again become an interesting alternative to the use of fossil fuels. This increase in interest entails an increased focus on nuclear power and the safety issues surrounding it.

We all belong to the same industry, have the same risks, the same problems and at basics, use the same techniques. However, there are different working methods, different solutions and to a certain extent, different approaches. This is true regardless of the phases our plants are going through at the present time – whether it is new installation, management or modernisation.

Can we suffer or endure a major lifting accident? The answer is NO, we know from experience that we are affected by what happens to each other.

Our target group for the seminar includes those of you who work as lifting engineers, lifting supervisors, lifting management and project engineers. People with frequent contact with lifting at an engineering/management level.

The seminar will be held in English.

The arrangements are such, that everything is included in the seminar fee – in accordance with Inspecta’s Växjö tradition –“When you come to us, we take care of you!”.